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It is critical to perform computer maintenance to keep your PC operating in top conditions. Performing regular maintenance is one of the top reasons users enlist the help of computer repair services and to boot, the most under-utilized task individuals could do to keep that PC sprinting along at optimal speed. When it takes a long duration for your operating system to load, for programs to start, for the computer to shutdown or start-up, or connect with the Internet, then you should consider deploying the utilities bundled with your operating system to diagnose and fix such problems.

The hard drive sometimes is suspect to clutter and typically is the culprit with such challenges and as well, when you have too many processes running, your computer will slow down. Your PC relies on RAM and consistently stores data on the hard drive. With too many programs running in the background, your squander you RAM and the computer begins using the hard drive to store information. This causes fragmentation of the hard drive, causing your PC to slow to a crawl in some cases. This does not mean you should call computer repairs services just yet.

You should begin with routine maintenance, which will not require computer repair services. This includes running both the disk cleanup and the disk defragmenter utilities. The purpose of the disk cleanup is to clean-out temporary files, purge the recycle bin, and free up hordes of space on your hard drive. The disk defragmenter, utilized next, organizes data on your hard disk so the drive can effortlessly access information when it needs to, quickly and efficiently. You will need to click Start>All Programs>System Tools to access both of these utilities.

Another important stop involves the prevention of unneeded programs from loading into your random access memory. You do not need computer repairs services to do this. You can prevent most programs from loading by utilizing the msconfig option. To us msconfig, go to Start>Run and type msconfig and the hit the enter key. The msconfig utility will then load. Proceed to the start-up tab and scroll down, uncheck all boxes, located by the programs you are sure do not require loading. Later, if you want to use the programs, you have the option to start them manually. Click Apply, then Ok and reboot. Once your system reboots, you will see a message indicating that changes applied to the startup configuration. Go ahead and tic the box next to the message to ensure you lack of future prompts regarding this matter.

Regular computer maintenance is a vital step of computer ownership. Call Austin Mobile Computer Repair at (512) 921-6517.