Austin Mobile Computer Repair Launches New Signal Booster And Wireless Extender For The Best Cell Phone Reception

Austin Mobile Computer Repair is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new signal booster and wireless extender service for homeowners and companies throughout the Austin area to help them get the best cell phone reception.

Austin Mobile wireless signal

They’ll be able to hear you now…especially if you utilize Austin Mobile Computer Repair’s new wireless signal service

The mobile technical support and computer repair service firm provides many essential repair and upgrade services including computer and laptop repair, data recovery, virus and spyware removal, and software or operating system upgrades.

As mobile devices have become increasingly useful with ever renewed functionality, the company has expanded its services to include technical support on wireless-related issues, such as ensuring quality wireless signal reception for cell phones and other wireless devices at homes and offices by using the micro cell technology.

Austin Mobile Computer Repair now offers micro cell tower installation, a new service that helps establish stable wireless signal reception in certain indoor areas, such as homes, where receptions are either weak or non-existent. A micro cell tower is a low power cellular base station, enabling the micro cell to cover a limited area, (i.e. inside a home), with quality cell signals. A home-installed micro cell tower is connected to the outside normal cellular network through broadband such as DSL or cable. Using a micro cell tower at home ensures no more dropped calls and loss of web connections.

Micro cell technology and micro cell towers sometimes are used by wireless providers in their mobile phone networks for certain commercial settings on a temporary basis. For example, to add network capacity at a stadium for an upcoming event, a wireless service provider may decide to install certain number of micro cell towers around the stadium to accommodate the expected dense usage of phones and other mobile devices by attendees during the event. But the technology has not been widely applied in the home.

Austin Mobile Computer Repair has been tapping into this available technology and using it for home installation with much success. With a micro cell tower, consumers not only benefit from the improved coverage and potentially better voice quality and Internet page loading, but also see less impact on the battery life of their devices.

Call Austin Mobile Computer Repair at 512-921-6517 for more information on our wireless signal booster.