Cell Phone Boosters and Your Car

Wilson Electronics car cell phone booster

Wilson Electronics dual band car cell phone booster

If you’re a business person on the go, chances are that you spent a lot of time in your car  making or taking calls on your cell phone. Unfortunately, you’ve probably experienced losing an important call that got getting dropped. This is  because hilly terrain, trees or other obstacles can interfere with the connection between you cell phone and the tower providing the signal.  There is a low-cost solution.

The way to beat this problem is to invest in a cell phone booster.  These devices are actually single or dual  band antennas that can be mounted on fixed locations (such as the roof) of your car.  Some require a metal surface; others have built-in ground planes and do not need to be mounted on anything metal.

While you may think that an external antenna is expensive, it is actually isn’t. In general, the typical price range for an external antenna/cell phone booster is between $40-$200, depending on the antenna, adapter and cable type and installation. For people who depend on their cell phones, that’s not a high price to pay for enhanced cellular signals and decreased frustration.

The type of cell phone booster you need is based upon the general terrain in which you drive. If you travel in flat, open areas, look for higher gain antennas in the 3 to 9 db range. If you travel in hilly areas, you might consider a lower gain antenna in the  0 to 3db range. If your travels take you through a variety of terrains, consider investing in 3 to 5 db-range.

At Austin Mobile Computer Repair, we can help you select the cell phone booster that’s right for your particular driving/travel needs. We use products from Wilson Electronics as we have tested them out.  Not all cell phone booster products are made equal.   We can also quickly install the antenna for you so that you can be assured optimal performance.  If you’re in Austin, Cedar Park and Georgetown, we’re the tech support experts you can count on!

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