Changes to Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia 800

Nokia 800

Microsoft will be debuting its Windows Phone 8 this fall. And according to PCWorld online, this device will feature a slick new camera app, Internet Explorer 10, near-field communication, Nokia Maps, Direct X support for advanced gaming and multicore processor support.

That’s a lot to look forward too. But if you happen to be a Windows Phone 7 user who doesn’t plan to upgrade immediately –and especially if you  own a Nokia Lumia 900 handset–you won’t be able to use most of these applications. What Microsoft will offer instead is  a compromise in the form of an update called Windows Phone 7.8 that will give you a taste of some of the Windows Phone 8 capabilities.

Following are the main Windows Phone 7.8 system highlights:

Better use of existing space

The long black strip on the right of your Windows Phone 7 start screen will be gone. What you’ll find instead are tiles that will stretch out to create a full-screen view of the 7.8 system start screen.

Resizable tiles

The 7.8 system will give you 3 different tile sizes to choose from: a small square, a medium square and a large rectangle.  This will give you the opportunity to personalize the size of every tile on your start screen to emphasize what’s most important to you.

App upgrades for Lumia

If you happen to be a Lumia user, you can expect some fun new upgrades including Camera Extras that offers features like a self-timer and a panorama mode. Another feature called Smart Group Shot takes several pictures in rapid succession and then creates a composite photo that uses the best elements of each individual shot.

Tech support for 18 months

While your Windows Phone 7 handset may only be getting a minor upgrade, Microsoft is providing 18 months of technical support. When you consider that the average carrier contract is 24 months, that means that you’ll only have to do without an up-to-date phone for just six months.

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