Protect Your Computer From Lightening Strikes

LighteningAustin Mobile Computer Repair always gets a large number of urgent repair calls after a thunderstorm. Inevitably due to the lightening from the storm, there is a power surge in various areas of the city that overloads computers and blows out their circuitry.

It goes like this. Lightning can hit power generators or the power grid because it is attracted by the negative value of the alternating power system. We have 110 volts and in our three-wire system, one of the wires acts as a negative. So lightening gets attracted to it. Once the lightening strikes the generator or system, it disperses by following the wires and that means into your home, appliances and computer. The power surge caused by the lightening will destroy your motherboard and other delicate computer gear unless it is protected. We have seen instances where the lightening has come in through the power lines, jumped to the cable system since it is powered, and fry out a network. We recently had a client with a dead modem, router, power supply and motherboard from one lightning event meaning that it came through several sources.

The solution is to have all your computer equipment hooked up to an AVR (automatic voltage regulator). A surge protector is not really what is best. An AVR is a device that regulates voltage automatically and keeps your voltage regular – not having surges and lows.

We at Austin Mobile Computer Repair can help you on this score. We can not only fix your system, we can proof it against future lightening attacks before they affect you. Give us a call for an estimate on what it would take to proof your system.

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