The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing Options

Up in the cloud!If you’re hesitant about adopting cloud computing services into your company’s IT infrastructure, you’re not alone.  Data security is a leading concern for business people all over the world, and especially those who are associated with companies that routinely handle sensitive information.

The main choice you will face will be whether to go with a public or private cloud computing service. And as with everything else, each has its own set of pros and cons.


PROS: Simplicity and efficiency are two of the main advantages public clouds offer. An off-site third party provider hosts and manages the system.  Users connect to the system via web applications or services. There is no significant investment in hardware or software.

CONS: Since third party providers are in charge of storing and maintaining the data systems, companies have less control.  And because public clouds are based on Internet connections, data transfer rate is limited to that of the Internet service provider (ISP) which is usually no more than 10mbp.


PROS: Private clouds are built from software that runs on a piece of hardware at the company. This means that the organization has more control over their data and that the cloud’s performance is significantly better than a public one. Transfer rates can be as fast as 100mps or more.

CONS: Private clouds are more expensive because they require both hardware and maintenance personnel. They also require system administrators. And since a private cloud is hosted on-site, the organization needs to provide adequate power, cooling and maintenance and may also run the risk of data loss due to physical damage of the unit.

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